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Self Employment

Looking for a way to enjoy a career that will move every few years, make money, and allow you to stay home with children? Maybe you should look at self-employment options! 

There are over 27 million home-based businesses in the United States and the number grows every year. Creating or selling a product or providing a service from your home is ideal for many because:

  • You can save money by not leasing a space.
  • You can reduce financial risks by keeping your full-time job and doing your business on a part-time basis.
  • You can save on childcare costs.
  • There’s no commuting.

Discover the many considerations involved in opening and operating your own business.

Self-Employment in Military Housing
The Navy recognizes the talents of members and spouses and supports the efforts of Military spouses who remain at home to supplement family income. Many Navy spouses operate businesses from their home. If you plan on tailoring or doing taxes from your home, you first must submit a written application to the installation commander through the Housing Authority (HA).

Your request must be approved before you begin your home business. The HA should approve minor modifications to your housing unit as long as you pay and agree to housing regulations. (When you move, you may have to put it back the way it was, depending upon the installation.) External alterations and external advertising are prohibited. The HA may opt to recoup utility costs when cost effective.

Read more about “Operating a Home-Based Business from your Government Quarters.”

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