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Community Housing

It is Department of Defense (DoD) Policy to rely on the community as the primary source of housing for Service Members eligible to draw basic allowance for housing (BAH).  Over 70% of active military members and their families live in the communities that neighbor our installations.  To support this customer base, Navy Housing Service Centers (HSC) provide a full suite of community housing options, cost savings programs, and support services. To assist the majority of Service Members and their family members that live in the community, Navy HSCs have a variety of services to help:

• - The official DoD website, dedicated to helping Service Members, DoD civilians, and their families find community housing. 

• ​Home Finding Counseling - The HSC will assess your needs and counsel you about your available housing choices. 

• Rental Partnership Program (RPP) - RPP is designed to provide Service Members and their families with suitable and affordable community housing at reduced rates and aid in defraying some of the cost incurred by relocation.

• Listings Management - The HSC maintains community housing listings (including privatized military housing) at each installation that meet suitability, affordability, and safety criteria for military members. 

• Lease Services - Trained HSC staff review leases, provide sample leases, and assist in the negotiation of leases, if needed. 

Select one of the tabs below or the menu button to begin exploring community housing information. 

Community Housing Resources

If you are thinking about renting or buying a home in the local community, below are some helpful resources to consider. Your local HSC is dedicated to helping you find the right home for you and your family, contact your HSC for assistance. 

Asbestos: What you can do to limit exposure. Learn more about asbestos and your health at
• Carbon Monoxide: Protecting your family and yourself from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. For more information visit

• Furniture Anchoring: New federal rule to prevent furniture tip overs. For more information, visit
• Lead: Protect your family from lead in your home. For more information, visit
• Mold: A guide to mold, moisture, and your home.  For more information, visit
• Radon: Home buyer's and seller's guide to radon. For more information, visit
• Window Falls: Preventing window falls
Community Housing Inspection Checklist

Are you a property owner/manager looking to rent to the military community? Contact your local HSC to find out how to list your rental home or properties!

Navy Housing's Rental Partnership Program

The Rental Partnership Program (RPP) is an agreement between the Housing Service Center (HSC) and community housing landlords and is designed to provide Service Members with suitable and affordable off-base housing and aid in defraying some of the costs incurred by relocation.  Housing units which are offered in the RPP are evaluated, inspected and qualified to meet the highest standards by the Navy HSC.  The RPP is available to both families and unaccompanied Service Members. 

Tenant Eligibility and Requirements

Generally, all full-time active duty Service Members married or single and who are drawing BAH are eligible to participate in RPP:

  • Service Member is required to have a minimum of six months to one-year left on End of Active Obligated Service (EAOS) and Projected Rotation Date (PRD) (depending upon normal lease period for the area).

  • If single, Service Members E-4 and below with less than 4 years of active duty service must have approval from their current Command to live off base (BAH approval from the HSC is also required).

To get started with finding properties in the RPP, the Service Member should come to the HSC with their orders, Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), and a copy of their page 2 to be properly counseled on their eligibility and requirements.

Benefits to the Tenant

The program offers Service Members special rental benefits.  The RPP varies at each installation, and typical benefits may include:

  • Homes are inspected by our HSCs and pre-approved as suitable, safe and affordable for military members.

  • Discount on rental rates.

  • Waiver of or reduced security and utility deposit costs.

  • No or reduced application fee or credit check fee.

  • Rent payments via allotment.

  • No income requirements (as long as Service Member is receiving BAH in accordance with his or her current rank).

  • Lease cannot be denied to a Service Member due to a negative credit check (only a poor reference from a previous landlord).

Landlord Eligibility and Requirements

Homeowners, landlords, and property managers are encouraged to learn more about enrolling in the RPP by discussing it with their local Navy HSC.  Flexibility is offered to the landlord, but the following rules must be met in order to participate:

  • Landlord has a clean record with the HSC.

  • The property meets codes and CNIC listings inspection requirements.

  • Willing to offer a discount in rent (this varies by location, but is usually 5-15% off the advertised rate).

  • Willing to sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to the RPP terms.

  • Understands that the RPP does not and cannot guarantee occupancy.

Benefits to the Landlord/Property Manager

The goal of the RPP is to have both the tenant AND landlord benefit, making this a mutually beneficial arrangement.  The RPP varies at each installation, and typical benefits may include:

  • Expanded marketing (listing of RPP properties given to Service Members, etc.) of the property by the HSC.

  • Applicants must have permanent orders for the minimum negotiated lease period at the arriving duty station.

  • Rent must be paid by allotment.

  • Eligibility for housing verified through HSC.

To find out whether your installation participates in the RPP program, and to find out program specifics in your area, contact your local Navy HSC. 

View the RPP video on YouTube.

Note:  All services may not be available at all installations.

FAQs About the Rental Partnership Program
Will I have to pay an application fee or a security deposit on Rental Partnership Program (RPP) Housing?

There is no application or administration fee associated with RPP Housing.  However, the landlord may charge a reservation fee of up to $100 to hold a housing unit.  The reservation fee will be applied towards the first month’s rent.  If for some reason the Service Member does not qualify, the fee will be returned.

Can a landlord change the rent based on a Service Member’s rank?

No, there is an established RPP rate that is not based on rank.

I have poor credit, can I still use RPP?

You cannot be denied because of your credit history.

I have a pet; will I be required to pay additional pet deposits or other associated fees?

RPP does not dictate landlord pet policy.  Individual landlords may require additional pet fees.

Am I eligible for housing in the RPP?

All active-duty Service Members, married or single with a minimum of 180 days remaining prior to EAOS and PRD are eligible.

How do I get approved for Rental Partnership Program Housing?

The Service Member must provide orders and a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) to the Navy Housing Service Center (HSC).  The Service Member must have a minimum of 180 days remaining prior to EAOS and PRD.  If single and E-4 or below, the Service Member must have approval from the Command to live off-base.  The Service Member must complete a counseling session in person or over the phone with the HSC.  When counseling has been completed, the Service Member will receive a letter of eligibility, which is presented to the landlord, authorizing participation in the Rental Partnership Program.

I am currently in a lease; when can I get into RPP?

It is up to the individual management companies to release a member from their current lease to participate in this program.  The Service Member can participate in the RPP at the end of the original lease term by signing a new lease.  If the Service Member decides to participate in the RPP, the landlord must refund the security deposit within 30 days.  Rent would be the negotiated RPP rate.

Property Manager Listings and Resources
Expand Your Marketing Opportunities with Navy Housing

Are you a residential property owner, manager or landlord and interested in renting to military tenants?  Let us help you expand your marketing opportunities today!

Housing Service Centers (HSC)

The Navy HSC is the Service Members' first stop for housing choices when arriving at a new installation.  To contact an HSC near you to discuss housing programs and rental opportunities, visit our Contact Housing page.

Rental Partnership Program (RPP)

RPP is an agreement between the HSC and community housing landlords designed to provide Service Members with suitable and affordable off-base housing while defraying some of the costs incurred by relocation.  Learn more about the program and its benefits by visiting the RPP tab above. is an official Department of Defense (DoD) website, dedicated to helping Service Members, DoD civilians, and their families find housing.  The website enables HSC professionals, property managers and Service Members to find and share vital information about non-discriminatory rental listings.  To learn more, please visit page.

Navy Housing OCONUS Community Housing Services

Navy Housing Service Centers (HSC) at OCONUS (including Hawaii) locations provide home finding services, inspection services, issue resolution and cost savings programs.  In addition, we offer services tailored to meet the needs of our customers living OCONUS.

Community Orientation:  We provide orientation sessions covering local laws and customs, Command policies and cost differences associated with renting a home.  We also assist with setting up utilities.

Entitlements General Information:  OCONUS entitlements are significantly different than those stateside.  Our counselors can help you understand your housing entitlements, to include Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA), Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA), utilities allowance and overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA).

Language Translation Services:  Our counselors will provide translation between you and your landlord while you tour homes, at lease negotiation and throughout your tour of duty for any housing-related issue.  We can provide translation services with utility companies if required.

Showing Services:  Our counselors provide home showing tours so you can see the homes in person.  After selecting homes in our inventory, we will arrange appointments for you to tour the homes so you can make the right decision for you and your family.

Temporary and Full-Tour Furnishings:  Once you have found a home, we offer temporary loaner furnishings such as beds, sofas and tables while you await your household goods shipment.  For your entire tour we provide appliances and equipment such as microwaves, refrigerators and wardrobes.

Contact your local Navy HSC for local housing information tailored for you!

Note:  All services may not be available at all installations.


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