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Navy Housing considers customer satisfaction an essential element of an effectively managed housing program.  We use surveys to measure customer satisfaction with our housing assets, community amenities and housing services.

2022 DoD Tenant Satisfaction Survey

The annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey (TSS) is one of the best ways to provide feedback, positive or negative, on the quality of housing.  CNIC uses the feedback received to identify issues, and implement corrective actions, and plan for improvements.  Let us know where we are getting it right and where we need to improve!  Keep an eye on your email inbox, as surveys are digital.  Contact your local Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) or UH staff for more information.

About the Tenant Satisfaction Survey (TSS)

The TSS questions are now standard across all services and categories of military housing.  The survey is conducted by each military service, and the Department of Defense reviews survey feedback to identify issues and level of customer satisfaction with the quality of military housing services and facilities.  Additionally, Navy Housing uses the TSS, to identify issues, implement corrective actions and measure the level of customer satisfaction of military services and facilities for housing Navy-wide.  The TSS is conducted annually for:

  • Government Owned/Leased Family Housing*

  • Government Owned/Leased Unaccompanied Housing* 

  • Privatized Public Venture (PPV) Housing

DoD Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results:

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