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Ombudsman Program Resources

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Ombudsman Program Manual
The Ombudsman Program Manual 2016 is one of the primary resources for command ombudsmen.  All ombudsmen should have a copy provided to them by their commanding officer, and refer to it for answers to questions they may have about the roles and benefits of the Ombudsman Program.

The Navy Family Ombudsman Program instruction provides the policy for the Ombudsman Program.  All personnel working with the program should be familiar with this instruction.

Ombudsman On-Demand Orientation
The Ombudsman On-Demand Orientation is an online training that will provide a brief overview of Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT) to those who wish to learn more about the Ombudsman Program.  This 60 minute online training discusses highlights of the full OBT training that will address those topics identified to be of high importance to the role of the command ombudsman.  New ombudsmen who have not had a chance to complete training, command leadership, FFSC and RCC staff members and anyone else who wants to have a better understanding of the Ombudsman Program will benefit from this training.  Completion of the Ombudsman On-Demand Orientation does not negate the need for ombudsmen to complete the full Ombudsman Basic Training course (OBT/eOBT) as required by OPNAVINST 1750.1 series.

Ombudsman Registry Instruction Guides
The Ombudsman Registry Instruction Guides are resources to help the applicable personnel understand their roles and responsibilities with regards to the Ombudsman Registry.  Please review the guides that apply to your position.

Ombudsman Coordinator Desk Guide
The Ombudsman Coordinator Desk Guide 2016 is a resource for FFSC Ombudsman Coordinators and RCC Warrior and Family Support Specialists, providing guidance for their roles and responsibilities with relation to the Ombudsman Program.

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