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Welcome to NSA Naples Housing

Our mission is to provide housing support for Service Members and their families assigned to Naval Support Activity (NSA) Naples.  Our goal is to assist our customers locating suitable, safe and affordable housing.  We have a range of housing options to meet your needs, whether accompanied or unaccompanied.  





New Resources Available: If you are looking at renting or buying a home in the local community,
there are new resources available on the
community housing page.                                               

Select one of the tabs below or the menu button to begin exploring NSA Naples housing. 

Navy Housing Service Center (HSC):

Commanding Officer
Attn:  Family Housing Office
US Naval Support Activity Naples
PSC 808 Box 7
FPO AE 09618-1007

DSN:  314-629-4466
DSN Fax:  629-4472
Off Base Local:  081-811-4466 
From the United States:  011-39-081-811-4466
Hours:  Monday - Friday:  7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Unaccompanied Housing (UH):

Bachelor Housing (N93)
U.S. Naval Support Activity Naples
PSC 817 Box 7
FPO AE 09622-1007
DSN:  314-626-5056
Off Base Local:  39-081-568-5056
From the United States:  011-39-081-568-5056


Support Site Showing/Referral Government Quarters Services
(At Main Housing Office)
Monday - Friday 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Limited services on Italian holidays and closed on U.S. holidays
DSN:  629-4466
Phone:  081-811-4466 

Support Site Facilities Office

(On Base Building 2074)
Monday - Friday 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Closed on all Italian holidays
*call the help desk to get a message to your area manager*
Government Quarters Help Desk
On-Base Building 2074
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Closed on all Italian holidays
DSN:  629-4285/86
Phone:  081-811-4285/86
After 4:00 p.m., contact the NSA Naples quarterdeck at DSN 626-5547 or Phone 081-568-5547

Housing Warehouse
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Closed on all Italian holidays
DSN:  629-4242
Phone:  081-811-4242
Gaeta Housing Service Center
Gaeta Port/Fleet Landing Building 752
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Closed on all Italian holidays
DSN:  626-8307/8308
Phone:  081-568-8307/8308


NSA Naples, which is located at Capodichino, is located next to Capodichino (Naples Airport).

To reach NSA Naples:
If flying in to Naples Airport by commercial, it is approximately 10 minutes walk from the airport to main gate of the base.  It is approximately, ¾ of mile from the gate to check in desk.  However, if flying in military flight, disembarkation will be done on NSA Naples military terminal, which is closely located to transient facility check-in desk.

To reach Navy Support Site:
Navy support site is located at Gricignano d'Aversa, which is northwest of Capodichino.

Coming from Capodichino Airport or NSA Naples:
Take Tangenziale eastbound for Autostrada (A2) 3km. Stay on Autostrada (A2) north towards Rome for about 12 km. Exit S.S. 7bis towards Villa Literno for about 5 km.  Exit at Gricignano/Navy Support Site.

The Housing Service Center is located just outside the back gate / NEX gate of the Support Site.  You do not need to enter the base to reach the housing offices; rather, pass the main gate to the Support Site and take the first left.  Follow the signs to the housing office (uffici allogi) to reach the parking lot outside the gate.

For those who are interested in using one of the major online mapping and driving direction sites, these addresses will serve as points that are in close proximity to installations in the Naples area:
Support Site:  Via Boscariello 81030 GRICIGNANO D'AVERSA 
Joint Force Command:  Viale Liberazione 80124 Napoli 
U.S. Embassy (Rome):  US Embassy Via V. Veneto 00100 Roma 
U.S. Consulate (Naples):  Piazza della Repubblica 80122 Napoli 
NSAND Gaeta:  Via M. Planco SNC. Gaeta 04024


The NSA Naples Commanding Officer, as the Housing Authority, has implemented a direct assignment to ensure efficient utilization of Military Family Housing (MFH) assets.  All arriving military personnel will be directly assigned to MFH, if available.  Assignment is based on pay grade, family composition, and control date.  Upon arrival, military personnel may request to reside in the local economy.  All requests must be submitted in writing from the service member, via their CO/Officer-in-Charge (OIC) and the NAVSUPPACT Naples Housing Director, to the CO NAVSUPPACT Naples.  Please note that justification is heavily scrutinized and only a handful of requests have been approved.  An exception to policy (ETP) is not always required, however.  If less than five MFH units are available in the member’ waiting list category, then a certificate of non-availability (CNA) will be issued, and the service member may reside on the economy.  Sponsors of arriving personnel should coordinate with the Housing Service Center – Assignments Branch, prior to arrival to determine availability of MFH.  The housing unit assigned is based on rank and family composition. If MFH is declined, a member will not be entitled to receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA).

Check-in at the local Housing Service Center (HSC) arrival to the installation.  The HSC staff will assist with all of your home-finding needs.  

Government-Owned Housing 

The local HSC processes applications and assigns personnel to government-owned family housing.  The HSC is your advocate, and you should contact them with any issues.  For more information about on-base housing for accompanied personnel, including eligibility requirements, visit the CNIC Headquarters Government-Owned Housing page.  

The Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) enables Service Members and their families to apply for government-owned family housing prior to departure from their current command, before or after receiving permanent change of station orders.  Visit the CNIC HQ HEAT page to find out more.  

Additionally, you can obtain application forms online, at your nearest HSC, or you can contact the HSC have one mailed or emailed to you. 

NSA Naples provides government-run housing for families at the Support Site in Gricignano.  If appropriate quarters are not available upon arrival, personnel will be placed on a waiting list.  When a unit becomes available, the Service Member and family will receive a government-funded move from their off-base residence to family housing on base.  Contact the HSC to get the most current projection of housing availability and wait list information. 

Most of the housing area is developed in apartment buildings style 6 to 12 units each for both officer and enlisted families.

Apartments are configured as 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units; all are equipped with central heat and air conditioning, a laundry room with American-style washer and dryer, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a gas oven/range, a refrigerator, cable TV and both 110V and 220V electrical receptacles. The AFN satellite system and ADSL Internet access are available in each home.

Personnel Arriving in Gaeta and Rome
The only government quarters available to those stationed in the Gaeta and Rome area is located on or close to the Naval Support Activity Naples.  There are a number of units on the economy for those who wish to live close to Gaeta and Rome.  Our counselors will assist you in your options upon your arrival.

Family Housing Photos & Floor Plans  
Community Housing 

Italian apartments and villas are different from those in the U.S.  Many are larger, usually do not have any closets, and normally have tiled flooring throughout.  Window screens and air conditioners may not be provided.  For more information on the NSA Naples furnishings program designed to help mitigate these differences, click the "must know information" tab,

The HSC maintains a current database of available off-base community rental properties for homes, apartments and townhomes.   Housing referral professionals inspect these rental properties for suitability.   The HSC assists with locating off-base housing in the local area, including:   

Unaccompanied HOUSING 

Depending on assignment status (shore duty, sea duty, student, etc.) and pay grade, unaccompanied housing (UH) options at NSA Naples include barracks or dorms and housing in the local community.  

Barracks and Dorms 

The main UH facility is located at the NSA Naples Capodichino activity, additionally the BH Lodge at the Navy support site in Gricignano is located northwest of Capodichino. UH is available for all single and un-accompanied E-4 and below. If unaccompanied housing cannot provide a room, E-4s will stay in TLA until room is available.  All single and unaccompanied E-5 and above will need to secure private-leased housing through Housing Service Center (HSC).  Reservation request may be made by your sponsor or yourself by emailing Unaccompanied Housing Manager. 
Assignment to TLA or alternate TLA requires a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) from the Navy Lodge and/or NGIS for all E-4 and above. The CNA may be acquired in advance or on the day of arrival. If housing is not immediately available, temporary lodging at the Navy Lodge or alternate TLA (not to exceed 60 days) may be authorized depending on availability.  

The HSC is the only source of housing information for all single or accompanied E-5 and above***.

The HSC will coordinate billeting needs for members that couldn't be housed in Unaccompanied Housing.
Upon arrival, unaccompanied E-1 to E-4 service members will reside in the BEQ at Support Site. Service members will either reside in the BEQ at building 2087, next to the Hospital, or the Triangle BEQ, located in buildings 2022, 2024-2026, 2032-3038. If space is not available, you will reside in the Navy Lodge until BEQ space is available.

Accommodations are one or two persons to a room based on pay grade and square footage.  Linens are provided at check-in.  UH facilities include lounges equipped with televisions, washers and dryers, and vending machines in all buildings.  There are also recreational, fitness, dining, religious, educational and other amenities, most located within walking distance of UH.  Additional information on base amenities is available in the Welcome Aboard package.  

Assignment Policy:

  • All single or un-accompanied enlisted personnel, E-3 and below, must reside in government quarters, if space is available. 

  • All single E-4 personnel with less than four years of service will be directly assigned to government quarters when space is available.

  • All single or un-accompanied enlisted personnel E-5 and above must reside in local economy housing.  Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) is authorized.

Sponsorship Program

You are strongly encouraged to stay in contact with your sponsor in assisting, coordinating and securing housing through the HSC for single E-5 and above and accompanied members.  

You can make a significant difference as sponsor by being actively involved in securing quarters and making reservation to applicable spaces. 

Community Housing 

The HSC maintains a current database of available off-base community rental properties for homes, apartments and townhomes.  Housing referral professionals inspect these rental properties for suitability.  The HSC assists with locating off-base housing in the local area, including:   

For more information: Click on the "must know information" tab above and download Naples Community Housing Resource Guide.

Navy Housing Services

The Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) mission is to provide housing support for all families and unaccompanied personnel moving to or departing from the local area.  

Arrival Services:

  • Housing needs assessment

  • Temporary housing information

  • Personalized single-family home, condo and apartment finding assistance

  • Provide rental listings 

  • Maps and directions of local area

  • ​Detailed market information on local areas

  • Contract administration services

  • Lease review/interpretation

  • List of approved housing facilities and real estate agencies

  • Landlord information and mediation

Departure Services:

  • Provide information on housing at your new duty station

  • Process and fax or email housing application packages to your new duty station

Additional Services:

  • Telephones, photocopy and fax machines are available without charge


Service Members should check-in with the HSC upon arrival at the installation.  The HSC maintains a current database, that is accessible 24 hours a day, of available off-base community rental properties for homes, apartments and townhomes.  Housing referral professionals inspect these rental properties for suitability.  Additionally, the HSC provides lease review services and is your Navy advocate for you and your family when housing maintenance, health or safety issues arise.  For additional information on local community housing, please contact the HSC. 

Issue Resolution 

Navy HSCs provide support with issue resolution for customers wherever they choose to live, whether military or community housing. Our issue resolution services are provided to both the tenant and landlord free of charge.

Shipping, Weight Limits and POV  

Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) is responsible for Navy household goods (HHG) and personal property.  NAVSUP provides information and guidance to assist with permanent change of station (PCS) moves and the HHG claims process.  
Additionally, there are several other resources available for Service Members that are looking for information on shipping HHG and privately owned vehicles

Visit the CNIC headquarters Web site to access additional resources for PCS moves

Please note that NSA Naples does not have temporary or long-term storage available. 

The Personal Property Shipping Office

The Personal Property Shipping Office is part of the Supply Department, and the following information is provided to assist you in your move.  At the bottom of this page you will find contact information for the Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO).

Upon your arrival in Naples, you should contact them to provide them with reliable phone numbers (so they can contact you when your household goods arrive) and then to arrange for the delivery of your Household Goods and Unaccompanied Baggage.  Your Unaccompanied Baggage shipment can be delivered to you in Temporary Lodging.  

Once you have a housing appointment to sign the final contract, contact the PPSO to set up your delivery date. You will need the address from your lease, a contact telephone number and any requirements the movers need to know regarding accessing the house. When delivery has been scheduled, the date should not be changed unless absolutely necessary.  If a change is required, please notify the office ahead of time (at least a day before).  Late notification could result in additional charges.

When your property is delivered, the moving company must:

  • Provide an English speaking employee.

  • Unpack all boxes (unless waived by you) and place all articles where you want them in the residence.  However, the company is not required to move articles once they have been placed.  They will remove all cartons and packing materials generated from delivery; however, they are not obligated to return on a different date to remove boxes and/or packing materials.

  • Assemble all articles disassembled at origin by the moving company.

  • Do Not ask them to move furniture found on the premises, including government-owned loaner furniture, as they are not obligated nor authorized to do so.

Due to Italian customs requirements, it is mandatory that all motorcycles/mopeds are documented and processed with customs and must be registered with MVRO and road taxes paid regardless of whether or not you plan to drive it.   

You are initially entitled to 90 Days temporary storage of personal property. Extensions can be authorized due to TDY en route or documented housing delays. Civilians wishing to extend their storage beyond 90 days must receive authorization in writing from their HRO before the initial storage expires.

If the storage expires and is converted to member expense, the member will be responsible for the monthly storage fees, but the delivery will still be at government expense. Additionally, the member will be given the option to pay for a joint inspection prior to the conversion. If they waive this inspection, they lose the right to file a loss and damage claim against the TSP after delivery.   

Personal Property Shipping Office Contact Information

Village Forum, Support Site
West Wing, 1st Floor (2nd Deck)
Phone:  081-811-6778 (DSN 629-6778)
Fax:  081-811-6949 (DSN 629-6949)
Email: &
Hours:  Monday, Tues, Wed, Friday:  7:45 a.m.  – 3:45 p.m., Thursday:  7:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Advance (Express) Shipment
Expect your advance (express) shipment to arrive within 30 days of shipment. We strongly recommend you send your advance shipment as soon as you have your orders to ensure all of your necessary items arrive when you do.

We recommend you pack the basic essentials in your advance (express) shipment - small appliances (coffee pot, blender, toaster, etc.), pots, pans, utensils, sheets, blankets, pillows, and any other home wares you cannot do without. 

Household Goods (HHG) Shipment
Large U.S.-made appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, etc., are not compatible with Italian electricity available in your housing unit and should not be sent. Such appliances may be available through the furnishings program.

Small appliances such as coffee pots, blenders, frying pans, etc., may be sent as they will work with the transformers provided by the Housing Warehouse.

We recommend you include the following in your HHG shipment:

  • Area Rugs: The availability and selection of rugs you will be able to purchase from the NEX may be limited.  It is advisable to ship your own rugs from the U.S.

  • Clocks: Electric clocks do not keep accurate time on the Italian electric system. We recommend you bring battery or wind clocks with you.

  • Lighting: Lamps will work, however, you must have an outlet conversion (readily available) and Italian light bulbs (also readily available).

  • Storage Cabinets: Most Italian homes have very limited storage and kitchen cupboard space.  Consider bringing extra storage cabinets for bathroom and kitchen areas.

  • Drapes: Your current drapes may not properly fit the windows in your home.  Drapes are available at local stores and markets.

Appliances and Electrical Requirements 

At NSA Naples, all government-owned family housing units are furnished with major household appliances (i.e. refrigerator, electric range or stove, clothes washer and dryer, and dishwasher).  
The Housing Service Center (HSC) will provide loaner appliances for off-base housing (refrigerator, four-burner gas stove, washer or dryer, conventional or microwave oven, and transformer) as needed.  Additional utility fees may apply for gas stove connections. Contact the HSC for more information. 
Government owned housing at NSA Naples is wired for U.S. 110v/60Hz and for Italian 220v/50Hz. You will be able to plug in both U.S. and Italian devices without the need for a transformer.  All community housing is wired for Italian 220v/50Hz. The housing warehouse provides 2 transformers to residents living in the community and your small U.S. appliances will work in Italy utilizing these options. However, large appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, etc., are not compatible with Italian electricity available in your housing unit.

Assignment Policy

The current housing policy for NSA Naples is as follows:

Accompanied Service Members:  As of May 13, 2015, Direct Assignment to Military Family Housing (MFH) is in effect for all incoming military members (E-1 to O-6) with accompanying family members.  Actual assignment to a unit will be based upon your paygrade, your family composition and the bedroom eligibility criteria for the military member.  Department of Defense (DOD) civilian and other DOD sponsored civilian personnel with a transportation agreement and accompanying dependents are eligible to place their names on the waiting list to reside in MFH.  The Human Resources Office (HRO) will explain the Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) and the Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) during check-in.  Please make sure your sponsor or command makes reservations for you at the Navy Lodge or a local hotel in the Naples area.

Single Service Members:  All single or unaccompanied E-1 to E-3, E-4 with less than four years of service and frocked E-5 shall be housed in permanent party barracks.  Unless permanent space is not immediately available.  If space is not available, temporary assignment will be provided at the Navy Lodge until BEQ space is available.  Bachelor housing is not available in Gaeta or Rome.  Naval Detachment Gaeta personnel will choose economy housing with the assistance of the Housing Office in Gaeta.  Full tour loaner furniture for single and unaccompanied junior personnel (E-4 & below) may be authorized for those assigned to these areas through Single Sailor Loaner Program.  Single Service Members who are pregnant and assigned to the Naples or Gaeta area may apply for MFH with certification from the U.S. Naval Hospital, Naples, Italy.  Placement is on the two-bedroom waiting list.


NSA Housing Warehouse
Via Della Strazione
(Zona Industriale Aversa Nord)
81030 Gricignano D' Aversa (CE)

GPS coordinates 41.004256, 14.245016
Phone:  081-811-4242
DSN:  629-4242

90 Day Loaners

The Loaner Furniture program, provided by Navy Family and Bachelor Housing provides the basic furniture you’ll need to set up housekeeping while you wait on your own household goods.  The Welcome Aboard Package, also contains information about warehouse 

You can also use this program when you get ready to leave Italy, so that you can ship your household goods out earlier ensuring that they will be delivered to your next duty station by the time you arrive.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Loaner Furniture program, visit any of the Housing offices to make the appropriate arrangements for delivery or pick-up.  It’s up to you to request it and make sure delivery and pick-up dates are accurate.

The Loaner Furniture program entitlement ceases upon the receipt of your household goods or 90 days (whichever comes first) and begins 90 days prior to departure.  Requests to retain the loaner furnishings 
beyond the 90-day period should be made prior to the expiration and must be submitted in writing to the Naples Housing Director.

Partial Full Tour Furnishing

The Partial/Full Tour Furnishings (PFTF) Program allows eligible personnel to receive appliances for the entire length of the tour.  

Eligible military personnel, DoD civilians, and DoDDS teachers with a transportation agreement to Naples, Gaeta, and Rome areas are entitled to full issue of PFTF items.  Due to limited resources, the availability of PFTF may vary from time to time.

Information on PFTF is available at the Housing Service Center.  A counselor will assist you in determining your requirements.  The request will be processed when negotiating your housing contract.

Deliveries and pick-ups are scheduled in the morning between 0800 - 1300, and in the afternoon between 1300 - 1600. You are required to be present during your scheduled time frame.

You may call the Housing Warehouse between 1500 and 1600 the day before your scheduled delivery or pick-up to find out if you are scheduled for morning or afternoon.  They will not be able to give you an exact time.  If you are not at home during your scheduled time frame, you will be charged a redelivery fee of $60.  If the appliance is too large for your home or you request delivery of an item after your original delivery, you will be charged a fee of $60 to redeliver these items.

Trouble Calls

FTF repair and trouble calls should be reported to the Trouble Desk at commercial 081-811-4285 or 4286.  The sponsor will be required to provide the following information when placing the repair/trouble call:

  • Name, rank, last four of social Security number, address and telephone   number.

  • Type of appliance requiring service.

  • Description of problem or failure symptoms.

  • Date and block of time that repair is desired; morning (0800-1300) or afternoon (1200-1600).

  • Assurance that someone will be home on the date between times selected.

(Failure to maintain an appointment may result in the member being charged for the cost of the attempted repair call).

Emergency after hours appliance trouble calls will be placed to the NAVSUPPACT Naples Quarterdeck at 081-568-5547. The Duty Officer will, in turn, notify the Facilities Division Director who will call appropriate 
personnel to initiate the repair work order, if a refrigerator is out of service, the service order will be treated as an "emergency trouble call" and will be corrected within 3-4 hours of warehouse notification.

Furnishings FAQs

Is it possible to have a Freezer delivered or picked up from my Support Site Qtrs?
The NSA Naples freezer program has been discontinued.  With the new Support Site commissary in place the requirement for providing freezers is obsolete. 

What are the Warehouse hours of operation?
Monday-Friday 0800-1600
Closed on all Italian holidays

Please note that government-owned or community housing may not be large enough to accommodate large or heavy furniture. 


The Navy Lodge facility at the Support Site in Gricignano does not have a kennel.  Pets may be housed in local animal boarding facilities during your stay at the Navy Lodge.  You may also consider leaving your pet with your sponsor or a friend.
The pet policy in government quarters varies according to location.  Government quarters on the Support Site permit spayed or neutered and micro-chipped cats and dogs.  Exotic pets, such as snakes, lizards, and spiders are prohibited.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  It is important you let your sponsor know about your pet requirements prior to your arrival.  
If you rent on the local economy, most landlords allow pets - either cats and/or dogs.

AMC Flights

You may bring your pet to Italy with you on Air Mobility Command (AMC) flights on a space available basis.

For additional information and guidelines on AMC pet travel, please contact the Naples Air Terminal


This section provides an overview on the allowances that you can expect while stationed in Naples. For more information, please refer to the Housing Library.  Contact your TLA Command Coordinator or visit the link on the Moving & Travel link listing.

Temporary Lodging Allowance

TLA is an allowance issued to offset the cost of living in temporary lodging (Navy Lodge, hotels, etc.) while looking for a permanent residence.  TLA is intended to cover only your basic lodging, meals, and incidentals, and is based on Naples’ per diem rates.

TLA is broken into two parts - lodging costs and meals and incidental expenses (M&IE).  Lodging has a maximum reimbursable limit.  If your lodging costs are less than the limit, you will be reimbursed only for your actual lodging costs.  If your lodging costs are greater than the limit, you will be paid only the maximum rate.  Any costs beyond the limit are your responsibility.

M&IE is a set rate based on the availability of cooking facilities.  If you stay in lodging with no cooking facilities, you will be paid the full rate.  If you stay in lodging with cooking facilities, your M&IE is reduced by 50 percent.  The Navy Lodge has kitchenettes in every room, so the M&IE is reduced by 50 percent.  Regardless of whether your expenses are above or below your determined M&IE rate, you will receive the full amount.

TLA is paid in 10-day increments.  Military personnel must present lodging receipts and obtain Housing’s recommendation for TLA approval at the Housing Service Center every 10 days.  These claims must then be taken to your command TLA representative for approval.  Finally, the Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) uses your TLA claim to compute your reimbursement for lodging and M&IE.  PSD will then subtract 10 days worth of your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), which you continue to draw while on TLA. Military personnel are authorized up to 60 days TLA when arriving to Naples.

TLA Termination

TLA terminates on the move-in date to quarters. It will also be terminated:

  • If you do not complete a minimum of 2 showing tours within each 10 day period with the Housing Showing Service or Landlord Representatives.

  • If you delay, for personal convenience, signing a lease, moving into quarters, and/or delivery of loaner furniture or household goods.

  • If you go on TAD/TDY or Leave out of the vicinity of your duty station.

  • If you refuse an offer of government quarters.

TLA extensions for personnel desiring units which are still undergoing construction, needing major repair, or awaiting current residents to move out will not be approved.  Extensions beyond 60 days are not automatic.  Regardless of the branch of service, all TLA extensions for Naples personnel must be approved by the local TLA authority, Commanding Officer, Naval Support Activity, Naples.  Requests for TLA extensions are filed in advance via the Housing Office and your command, and they are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Housing will also go over TLA requirements upon your arrival.  For further information concerning these programs and their associated dollars you may want to visit the per diem website.

Other Allowances for Military Members visit the per diem website.

The following allowances are in place to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses during your tour in Italy.  They aregood deals, but you need to know what they are and how they work.  If you are a Department of Navy member, PSD will inform you of your individual allowances and explain them during Area Orientation.  You will need to apply for these, and PSD will instruct you on the proper procedure.

Important Note:  Because many of these allowances fluctuate as the dollar-EURO exchange rate fluctuates, your paychecks will vary quite often.  You should carefully check your leave and earnings statements to make certain an error hasn't occurred.  Also, when planning your budget, do not count on a fixed dollar amount each paycheck.  It is more prudent to plan on needing a certain amount of EURO each month and buying that amount.

Overseas Housing Allowance

Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) is paid in place of BAH for overseas assignments and is paid to military members who live in privately leased housing at their overseas duty station.  Residents of government-leased housing do not draw OHA.  OHA helps pay for your housing costs, including rent, utilities, and recurring maintenance expenses.  OHA consists of two parts, the rent portion and the Utility and Recurring Maintenance (URM) portion.

The rent portion of OHA is computed on your actual rent up to a maximum, based on your rank and whether you are accompanied or unaccompanied.  The rental ceilings do not limit you.  If your rent is above the ceiling, you pay the difference out of your base pay.  If your rent is less than the ceiling, your allowance will include only the amount you actually pay.  The URM portion of OHA is added to the rent portion to help defer the utilities and recurring maintenance costs. You receive the entire amount of URM no matter what your actual utility costs are.

The amount of OHA you receive fluctuates with the dollar/EURO exchange rate.  The URM of your OHA is also adjusted as a result of an annual OHA Utility Survey.   It’s important to maintain complete records of your rent and utility payments. Keep a file with all of your receipts and a notebook to record all your expenses for repairing and maintaining your house or apartment.  If you do, you will have accurate figures to report when it is time for the annual OHA URM Survey.  The Housing Office can give you the details about applying for OHA, and the following website has a listing of the current OHA rates and rent ceiling:  
Defense Travel Management Office | Home (

Advance OHA
This entitlement is to pay your first month's rent and deposit.  To apply for this, you need to get the appropriate forms from housing and obtain endorsement from your Commanding Officer/Officer in Charge.  

Move in Housing Allowance

Move in Housing Allowance (MIHA) is a one-time payment to help you pay for items such as extra cabinets, wardrobes, rugs, utility deposits, electrical transformers and adapters, screens, and security systems - things you need to make your privately-leased house safe and comfortable.  It is NOT paid to members who occupy government-leased quarters.  MIHA rates fluctuate according to the EURO. 

Cost of Living Allowance

Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is paid to offset a higher cost of living than in the U.S.  It is paid to all service members - regardless of whether you live in government or private housing and whether you are accompanied or unaccompanied - but the amount of COLA you receive depends on your rank, length of service, and number of family members.  It helps to pay for things you buy on the economy that are more expensive than comparable items in the U.S.

The COLA index is a percentage that represents the difference between the cost of a “market basket” of goods and services in your area versus the US.  For example, a COLA index of 110 means that prices in your area are 10 percent higher than in CONUS.  This does not translate into a 10 percent increase in your paycheck, however, because the COLA is calculated on your average spendable income - total income minus such expenses as housing, utilities, taxes, and savings.

Civilian Allowances

Information on Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) and Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) is available at the Department of State website.

Civilians are also currently drawing a cost of living allowance and information on this allowance will be provided by the HRO.

Sponsor Programs

Your Command Sponsor Coordinator should be your first link to NSA Naples.  He or she will then put you in contact with your departmental sponsor.  Your sponsor will then contact you and begin making preparations for your arrival, including making a reservation for you and your family at the TLA.  Both your sponsor and Command Sponsor Coordinator can give you information to ensure your transition to life overseas in Naples will be as smooth aspossible.

Keep in mind that your sponsors have been through this experience themselves.  They are here to help you and make sure your "settling in" process goes as smoothly as possible.  They will be sympathetic to your needs and enthusiastic to help you along the way. For your sponsor to serve you effectively, you must provide him/her with accurate information about you and your family, as soon as possible, including the following:

  • Address, phone number, and e-mail address

  • Dates/times/flight numbers for your arrival

  • Family composition (number of dependents)

  • Pets you may be bringing

Your sponsor should then contact the HSC so they can find out the current status of government housing availability for you.  Almost all PCS personnel arrive in Naples on the CAT B flight, which normally arrives on Thursday.  Friday is a check in with PSD for Navy or the financial disbursing officer for other services.  Monday through Wednesday is Area Orientation.  At this time, applications for driver's licenses are taken, medical/dental records are collected, and sojourners permits are processed (bring your family members).  We recommend your spouse attend the area orientation with you.  If you have children, please make childcare arrangements.  For all NSA personnel, it is mandatory that you attend NSA Indoc the last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the month.

Generally, mail takes seven to ten days to reach Naples, so plan accordingly.  If you haven't heard back from your sponsor in a reasonable amount of time, contact your Command Sponsor Coordinator immediately. 

Common Household Hazards

Being aware of hazards within your home is the first step to prevention. Some types of common household hazards include asbestos, lead paint, mold and mildewcarbon monoxide, and radon. There may also be risks posed by your home's structure and/or household goods, such as falling from a window and furniture not anchored to the wall properly. The informational documents included above help provide information on some common hazards, what they are, where they may be present in your home, and how to prevent or mitigate the hazard.


Naples Housing FAQs

TextDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceHousing Early Assistance Tool

The Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) assists Service Members and their families in applying for housing Navy wide.  HEAT allows Service Members and their families to get the housing application process started at one or more Navy installations online before or after they receive their permanent change of station orders.  HEAT is available to any Service Member at all Navy installations.  HEAT creates an easy user experience to connect with your destination.  Spouses can use the application as well, needing only minimal information about their Service Member.  A housing referral professional will be in touch within 2 business days.

Policy, Forms and Resources
Other Information and Links

Moving Resources: 

Housing Allowance: 

Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act: 

School Information:

Additional Resources: 

Housing Community Center

Located at the Village Forum of the NSA Naples Gricignano Support Site, the NSA Naples Community Center provides a convenient location to host meetings, enjoy recreational programs, and attend social functions in support of US military and DoD civilian families in the Naples area.  Use of the FHCC will be on an equitable and non-profitable basis.

User Agreement and Guidelines For FHCC Facility Usage

1.  Upon pickup of the keys, customers will sign a usage agreement and provide a $50/€50 security deposit.  Failure to return the keys as specified will result in forfeiture of the $50/€50 deposit. 

2.  Customers are responsible for providing all equipment, materials and supplies (TVs, projectors, food, cleaning supplies, etc.) required for the event.

3.  Customers are responsible for setting up the space before the event and restoring it to its original configuration afterwards.

4.  All items supplied in the room (trash cans, tables, chairs, coatracks, etc.) must remain in the Community Center at all times.

5.  Customers shall ensure that Community Center furniture and fixtures are properly handled at all times.  In case of damage, customers should report it immediately to Housing Staff. Damage due to negligence or misuse will require the responsible person to reimburse the government for the cost of repair or replacement.

6.  No tape, nails, staples, tacks, etc. may be used on the walls, ceilings or furniture.  Taping or nailing anything on the walls or ceilings is prohibited.

7.  Customers are responsible for cleaning the space after use.  This includes sweeping & mopping the floors, taking out trash, wiping down tables or chairs.  Failure to leave the FHCC cleaned will result in a $300 cleaning service fee.

8.  Customers shall ensure all lights and other electrical items are shut off and all doors are closed and secured.

Reservation Request

To reserve the Community Center please call (Comm.) 081-811-4930 or (DSN) 629-4930.
Alternatively, Community Center request may be emailed to along with a completed user agreement.
Reservations must be made at least three (3) days in advance and cannot be made more than thirty (30) days in advance. Reservations are confirmed via email and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Click here for the e-fillable user agreement


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