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Parenting Resources for Healthy Sexual Development in Children and Youth

Per Public Law 115-232, Section 1089, the military is mandated to increase awareness of healthy sexual development in children and youth family members by assisting parents with healthy discussions with their children. The below “Parenting Resources for Healthy Sexual Development in Children and Youth” videos are instructional and intended for parents and caregivers. Some of the language used in these instructional videos may be sensitive to some viewers.

By taking the micro-learning series, participants should be better able to support the healthy sexual development of their children. These tools fall under the primary prevention lens and will provide practice based scenarios related to sexual development and identifying problematic sexual behavior in childhood.

The topics of the five micro-learning tools include an introduction to sexual development in children to stages of normative sexual development and develop mentally appropriate behavior for typical children. These micro-learning videos will help with how to engage in meaningful conversations with your child about sexual development. They also offer resources available, how to ask for help, and what to expect if your child is impacted by or exhibits cautionary or problematic behaviors.

  1. Micro-learning Tool 1: Your Child's Health - What You Need to Know! This video will provide a brief introduction to childhood sexual health for parents and community members to help in supporting healthy children and adolescents.
  2. Micro-learning Tool 2: Ages & Stages of Childhood Sexual Development. At what age do children start talking about private parts? When is it appropriate to talk to your child about where babies come from? In this timeline, you will find healthy childhood sexual behaviors arranged by age group.
  3. Micro-learning Tool 3: What is Sexual Development for a Child or Teen? Most parents will get 100 percent on this Quiz about their child's development – will you? This quiz will help you to spot the difference between normal and problem sexual behavior in children and youth.
  4. Micro-learning Tool 4:  Talking about Sexual Development. Talking about sexual development doesn't have to scare parents. This question and answer guide will share tips for talking to your children about body parts, genders, behaviors and more.
  5. Micro-learning Tool 5: Childhood Sexual Development Resources. This visual graphic provides sources of support for problematic sexual behavior and a directory of web pages, handouts and books.

For further information and training, military parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact the nearest installation Fleet and Family Support Center.

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