EFMP Liaisons

Phone numbers are for the EFMP Liaison at your nearest Fleet and Family Support Center.

Navy Region Contact Email
Mid-Atlantic (Norfolk) EFMP Lead EFMPCNRMA@navy.mil 
Northwest (Bremerton) EFMP Lead EFMPCNRNW@navy.mil 
Southeast (Jacksonville) EFMP Lead EFMPCNRSE@navy.mil 
Southwest (San Diego) EFMP Lead EFMPCNRSW@navy.mil 
Washington (DC) EFMP Lead EFMPCNRNDW@navy.mil 
Midwest (Millington) EFMP Lead EFMPCNRMWMIL@navy.mil 
Midwest (Great Lakes) EFMP Lead EFMPCNRMWGL@navy.mil 
Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia EFMP Lead EFMPEURAFSWA@eu.navy.mil 
Japan (Yokosuka) EFMP Lead EFMPCNRJ@fe.navy.mil

Commander, Navy Installations Command   |   716 Sicard Street SE Suite 1000   |   Washington DC, 20374-5140
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